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Título : A study of linguistic barriers on oral communication of students of seventh term b of english major of the faculty of education of chimborazo national university during the school period 2014-2015
Autor : Machado, Luis
Ullauri Moreno, Magdalena
Palabras clave : Communication
Fecha de publicación : 2015
Descripción : This work deals with the linguistic barriers that 7th semester students of Language Career have for communicating orally. The problem was found through a test and by observation. When speaking, they had problems in understanding listening. When talking they had trouble in pronouncing some sounds, lack of vocabulary and used basic words, and in grammar they tried to use a correct structure which made difficult to convey in a fluent and accurate message. A book guide, “Defeating some English Linguistic Barriers,” was elaborated specifically to be applied to the students, which covered the aspects that they had a linguistic problem. After the application, it proved that students improved their oral communication and could talk more fluently with a good command of vocabulary and spoken grammar.
URI : http://dspace.unach.edu.ec/handle/51000/2409
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